Ebay Scam

Scammer’s Number: (628) 232-5650
Domains Used:
Extra Info: It is a TextNow number.

I was using my TextNow number to mess with scammers and I received this call. As it turns out, the (628) 232-5650 is a TextNow number. Anyway, when he called he said he was from EBay. I wanted at the point to be sure it is not spoofed, so I told him my grandmother is home and I need to help her bringing the groceries inside, and that I will call him back. When I called back to be sure it was not a spoofed number, he answered “Department of Remote Solution” and I said, “Oh, I might have dialed incorrectly because I am looking for EBay.” He said, “No, it is the Department of Remote Solution OF EBay.” Ha-ha I have not heard from other EBay scammers the “Dept. of Remote Solution.” After a few calls, when I call from my TextNow number now it says the number is no longer in service. Maybe he blocked my TextNow number. When I call with my Unknown Number Google Voice VOIP phone I get his TextNow message machine since he can see that I am calling from Unknown Number.

I do not know if people want to call this TextNow number because if you do not have an Unknown Number showing he might block you. It seems though that some VOIP Scam Centers also have the ability to block phone numbers from my experience.