eBay scam

So basically my mom had an issue with her eBay account. She looked up the number and found the 213 number as an eBay contact number. The scammer convinced her to buy a $400 gift card after failing, for whatever reason, to access her phone with a remote access app. He was then going to call her back but before he could call, she brought our daughter home and being very upset and flustered told my husband and I what had happened. We told her it was a scam and were telling her not to answer and as we were talking he called her back and thankfully she listened to us and I helped her contact the ACTUAL eBay chat service. Apparently, they have a 1800 number but for whatever reason aren’t taking calls currently due to covid.

213-357-0829 <--- supposed eBay number
442-227-8584 This number down were numbers they tried to call back at

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