Ebay Scam 844-303-4376

Scammer’s Number:844-303-4376
Domains Used:https://business.google.com/website/steel-grating-philippiness
Extra Info:scamming ebay customers


Active scammers.

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New Number - 844-251-2618

Interesting. It turned from me returning a gun (which is an Ebay no no) and me saying I want to send it back to the seller and get a check so he could not get into my computer for that to a red flag on my account. One David Cooper who I said was my son and yes he lives in New Mexico. BITCH!


Been telling them that we have our own call center, and that we’re funded by the United States government after Trump passed a bill while he was still POTUS. They hate that! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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I sez we control your call center your boss paid a lot of
money for this 1800 # … We have our own call center
Funded by our gov … There is more of us then you
… we will shut your number DOWN … More of us then


back …
you know what

scambaiting/wasting /letting them rage now

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Call back 501 819 2936 eBay 501 475 9474 another call back :laughing:

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new number 844-340-6816

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1 ring

Said it’s a flight booking service (still a scam). Same automated service as various different scams. Gonna see if I can redeem the two tickets to paradise left for me by Eddie Money. :laughing:

Answered as Ebay at 1330 CT. He wanted to give me a refund for the check I sent to the seller. I said I already got the refund check so I just need a label. He did not know what to do so he put me on hold and consulted with his higher authority.


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ADD (206) 415-0429. Scambitch answering DEA

Damn unavail (206) 415-0429

844-340-6816 RIP cunts