Ebay scam +1 619 492 6998

Fake EBay likes to cuss in Hindi got surprised when a American gave them some of there medicine :joy:


@LeGnDzZz#193940 Verified at 1355 CT. He said he was busy with another customer and he would get to me in one or two moments. He insisted on calling back and I said I wanted to stay on hold since I had such a hard time getting thru. Of course he never came back but he did say it was Ebay, the creep. He finally came back on and kept asking what kind of phone and could not understand when I said I had a flip phone. We went round and round with that. Then he told me to go to the store and get an Ebay card. The usual crapola.

Yea itโ€™s one of the dumbest scammers Iโ€™ve talked to wasting 1 hour of his time by making him call me back and confusing him with the website he told me to type.