Ebay refund scam +1 832-861-0073

Scammer’s Number:+1 832-861-0073
Domains Used:https://business.google.com/website/mowbro
Extra Info:active scammer


These dumbasses are amazingly incompetent and inept!

3:29 pm central Drat, I called 832-861-0073 from my Unknown Number Voip and it rang a number of times and it did not have a message machine but went to some weird robo spiel about redirecting the call, and then the call abruptly ended.

I had noticed that this 832 861 0073 is in the URL that DevidBrayson93 posted BUT that the webpage is for WALMART customer service.

Immediately after trying unsuccessfully from my Unknown Number Voip, I called 832 861 0073 and Veronica answered saying she is with AMAZON! Haha, it was obviously EBAY when DevidBrayson93 answered. Now it is AMAZON, again despite the fact the the URL is for WALMART. Veronica and the next two people on this one phone call did NOT speak English very well, so much time was wasted with me asking them to try to enunciate as I could not understand them very well.

So Veronica asked how she can help me, but I asked her if this is Walmart or Amazon since the webpage with the 832-861-0073 number of yours is for Walmart Customer Service. She said that SHE is with Amazon but that she will connect me with Sarah Brown who is with Walmart. Haha, these bozos are so clueless!
So I get Sarah Brown with Walmart, still on this same phone call. I wasted some of her time before telling her that I know she is a criminal, and without any notice Sarah Brown must have connected me to another scammer and I was speaking to a new guy named Ottam Martin (yes, I asked him to spell his first name and it is Ottam, though all of them were difficult to understand). I wasted a bit of Ottam Martin’s time, verify that he is with Walmart and not Amazon, and then I stopped playing the nice and gullible man. I informed Ottam Martin that Veronica told me in the first place before connecting me to Sarah Brown that they are scammers, which of course is not true. I informed Mr. Ottam Martin that we will continue to have fun at their expense. There was a pause of 2 or 3 seconds as Mr. Ottam Martin did not say anything, so I said, “Don’t be bashful, Benchod. Why are you such a timid coward?” He muttered, “Maderchod.”
I said, “Indeed I am the Maderchod who dry-fs your mother’s a for 5 rupees. What a cheap whore your mother is! That is about 13 cents. Dry-f** means that I do NOT use lubrication when I f*** your mother’s a** because I like to see her rectum bleed, because I like to see her sphincter bleed!”
He hung up without saying anything.


the number has been reported and will be down in like 1 minute

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new walmart scam number - +1 804-532-5573

Now it is a Walmart Gift Voucher for $100. Then it turned into a generic gift card for only 2.99 and your DEBIT card. For sure, sugar. Here is my DEBIT card number so that you can clean out my account. I cannot believe people for for this crap.

4:13 pm Central Monday 07-Jun-2021 I called 804 532 5573 from my TextNow number and it is ringing and ringing … ringing … ringing … Come on, ANSWER YOU CRIMINALS! … ringing … ringing … 1:41 minutes/seconds … still ringing and no message machine yet … now the call dropped.

The criminals do not get much use out of a phone number nowadays, do they? Haha!

I know, Ma’am! They cannot keep their stories straight! The ineptitude of some of these scammers is shocking, JusticeInTexas!

4:18 pm Central I called 832-861-0073 and the man answered and did not say the company’s name but said, “Hi, I am Bean, how may I help you?” I spent at least 5 - 8 minutes on his name. “Bean … that is an interesting name, Sir. Were you named after a specific bean?” “What you mean?” “Your name is Bean.” After a couple of minutes I understood that his name is Dean. “Oh, my apologies Sir. Dean! Like James Dean! Oh, you are probably too young to know about James Dean.” “No, I know who he is!” “Well Dean, you mean who he WAS. He is dead by now.” “Oh … yes, I know who he was.”

He claimed to be with Walmart. I guess they got tired of being EBay when Devidbrayson93 called them and created this thread. I guess they got tired of being Amazon when I first call.

Haha, what will be next after Walmart???

I spoke to “Dean” for awhile wasting his time until I turned NASTY. I am guessing that some of these scammers think I have multiple personalities, IF INDEED they have enough knowledge to even think it.


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Multiple personalities are good. I can be a 72 year old lady with dementia or a retired school teacher who corrects their grammar. Or a Hispanic girl or woman who may or may not be illegal. Or a sweet Southern belle blonde idiot who giggles a lot. Or a college student who says like, like, like ya know? I can get the same idiot to talk to each of those characters and not know it is me again. Not Mensa candidates!

new walmart scam number - +1 980-284-6098

Awesome, and you do not need to use a voice changer! Haha!

By the way, I saw some time ago from a link in one of your threads here the video of you playing electric bass with a snazzy hat on your head! I am an amateur guitarist since I started taking classical guitar lessons for four years from 6th grade through 9th grade. I still play classical guitar but electric guitar also of course.

A few years ago I bought a fairly cheap Gretsch Elektromatik II JUNIOR electric bass that requires SHORT-SCALE electric bass strings. My ancestors did not bequeath me height or brawn, so I do not have long enough arms to play a full-sized electric bass! I enjoy playing it though just for the fun of it, though when I have written a couple of songs on the JUNIOR bass I seem to approach the electric bass like a guitarist.

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Way cool, my friend. Like and subscribe! I put up a post about every two weeks. I was gone for a month because i had the Covid but I just posted a Tony RIce song. Listen to Texas Swing and Beaumont Rag, too. I am working on a new Chet Atkins tune called Wobegon which will be up this week. I appreciate you listening. Send me a ling to your email and I will listen to your songs. Maybe I can play one of them for you!

Still active as of 3:09 PM PST.

Cool, I will listen to the YouTube videos of yours. I know how to play classical guitars with finger picking of course, and sometimes on an electric guitar I will use finger picking though also of course I will use a guitar pick. With the junior electric bass though, I use a bass pick that is not hard plastic but that is sort of like a hard foam material that has a bit of bend to it. It is hard for me to use fingers to pick a bass because the strings are so thick and are spaced farther apart than a guitar’s strings.

Chet Atkins was an AWESOME guitarist!

I do not have a subscription to YouTube, but I clicked to “Like” your videos! They are great. You play with such fluidity, with such ease!

My email is [email protected], so if you send me an email and type in the subject JusticeinTexas, I can attach an audio file of a multi-track song that I wrote (free Audacity software) where I play the junior electric bass and guitar tracks. I do not have lyrics for it though.

What brand of electric bass is that, JusticeinTexas? I like how the two pickups are staggered! I like the wood! The two types of wood or shades of wood (medium brown/light tan) are beautiful.

You and yours take care!

Ciao for now.

It is funny you should say that about being small in stature because I am only 5 foor 5 but I have long fingers. I play fretless because I played violin for years.

Wow. I could not play a fretless guitar, so for sure I could not play a fretless bass. Wow, I am 5 foot 5 inches tall as well, but I do not have long fingers. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have been playing bass for 35 years so there is that. Plus I played professionally for eight years and have been in every state somewhere from small towns to large. I also play violin, clarinet, and vibes. I learned to play like I sing. We each have our own style. My bass is called a Frontier. It is the only one like it built. I actually bought it for $200 from a girl who was selling her boyfriends bass to buy herself cocaine in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I took it to have it appraised for insurance and the expert said WOW, I sold that to that guy and when he finds out who bought it, watch out. I did not play it in Ft. Wayne for obvious reasons. It was bought by the dealer at a trade show. They only made the one fretless, a double neck and an acoustic. So it really is special and one of a kind. It was estimated at the time at $3000. Who know what it is worth now! I also had a FM radio built into the back so that I could go cordless and leave the stage and walk around the audience which was a big seller. I mostly got girls cannot play bass thrown at me. The bass player from the NItty Gritty Dirt Band bet me a drink that girls most definitely could not play bass worth a damn so we played Lullaby of Birdland and he ended up apologizing and buying my drinks for the night.

Just called them and said I ordered some items from walmart and they’re not delivered.
They’re trying to install teamviewer on victim’s mobile phone.
Said my name is Jim Johsnon.
Said I don’t know what phone i have.
I gave same random details that came to my mind and he said, “I found your account. We need to verify. Please install teamviewer on your phone.”

Wonder how kitboga manages them very well…
Wasted 10 min of their time…

Hi Welcome😃

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Still :boom::fire:rings 3 min straight … Then they pick up …
Only to be insulted​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow, JimBond007. I had not heard of scammers wanting a victim to install TeamViewer on a cell phone.
Haha, “I found your account. We need to verify.”

Like @Draco, I am a better fit at abusing and harassing than I am baiting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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