Ebay refund scam +1 708-787-0305

Scammer’s Number:+1 708-787-0305
Domains Used:https://business.google.com/website/tall-sticks-furniture-recycled-timberss
Extra Info:active scamming ebay customers


708-787-0305 : Got human, 6/6, 2:34 p.m. EST.


Reported to Google.

For reference, to report one of these fake Google Business pages:

Visit this link and report the site in this format (using the above example):



About: 708-787-0305
Someone left this message on my YouTube page. If this was spoofed, I imagine two people with overseas accents would not have answered when I called them? And, one of them would not have tried to make me go to Playstore?
“Robbie Sayers
Remove the number or you will be prosecuted”, he said.
This was my response on YouTube:
“I called the number. Twice, two people with accents that are consistent with the Indian subcontinent answered. It was not an American Okie accent or Southern accent or New York City accent. One of them wanted me to go to Playstore. Ebay does not need me to go to Playstore to check to see if I was fradulently charged. If someone wants to prosecutre me, they will have to come to Michigan and testify in court against me. They will have to provide proof of their real identity. Under cross-examination, they will have to admit that they are scammers. Is this really a road you want to go down?”

new toll free - +1 844-815-6700

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Number is still very active - When called “Anthony” stated he had no choice but to scam sad Americas.

You tell him, Joe! You response was perfect.

06-Jun-2021 Sunday 3:12 PM Central The 708-787-0305 answered once for me on my TextNow number, but on subsequent attempts nobody answered from either my TextNow number or from my Unknown Number VOIP
From both of my phones, I got no answer at the 844-815-6700 number.
You all have been botherin’ them obviously! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you. If I get a court order from an American judge to remove the video, that will be different. I somehow do not think that will happen.


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It just rings and rings. Nobody is answering.

Looks like they’ve updated their fake Google site to resemble a legit furniture business.

Fake vs. Real

I talked to this guy yesterday and he gave me the sad story about how he can’t find work, so he scams. And when he scams he claims he only takes a couple of hundred bucks.

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