eBay Fake Customer Support

Scammer’s Number:
1 ‪‪‪(408) 622-0059
1 ‪(408) 987-5278
Domains Used: safe-shipping-online.net
Extra Info: These guys run a fake eBay scam, where you send them eBay gift cards, and then receive the item purchased, like a car. Typically found on OfferUp or CraigsList. Called and verified numbers as valid. They are answering as “customer support” or “eBay customer support”. These guys are not Indian, but rather European, likely Romanian.


I got on the phone with two different men, and they both said I have to go to the store and buy Ebay gift cards to complete the purchase. I’ll be contacting them soon :rofl:

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Thanks for confirming the line is still active – the # has been reported to Bandwidth.com aka Google Voice, so hopefully its suspended, too.