E-mail scam

I have received an e-mail from [email protected]. This person identifies itself as “Kayla” and wants me to check her nude photos at the following website: http://newbiedementedflooding.club/sTs6jJv644sJjIeKjCv1PJgm00rpbMhlQ4eHEdgq4gfIw8u3Acm6cdnJcCf207mWbMsFQGeGXMf2vIembGf2jMfGj=mossf2fFgW3GgVDDeWX=fVDLhm0Zk2gVhXsZkWwXj2UWgXsYjmzDk3jJfHnGkmoYg3sZg3cWgHgYhWwXfHXKkmXMg3jDgHjFg2sXhXjMjHrLfm/0UgGwWg2bHjGvDfXXKjHrGf2gWhXsVhnXDg3nLgWzIgnYWfGb9

Due to the fact that the e-mail address does not correspond to any service, I am inclined to believe that this is a phishing method. Thank you!

Most likely a disposable email that they used for a few emails, and then trashed