Dumb scammers



Just bomb the shit out of them until their number goes down. They piss me off.

This number is still actief just called them twice

Wow, they took me to a website called www.microsoft.com-connect.tech which is a re-direct to go to assist. Looks real convincing to the untrained eye.


this is the site, it's a shortcut to www.fastsupport.com
they almost tricked me by showing the real microsoft stuff :D

@watchmedotthibault#11719 Yeah, I forgot to turn my VPN on and when he went to google and saw that the prices of things were in £ he asked me if i was in the UK and i said no, i was in Ohio and then he googled my IP and saw my town lol, he then didn’t say anything and disconnected :confused: That site looks like another one like mine, real fishy.

@watchmedotthibault#11719 did you report it to Microsoft?



Found out their information



Region :West Bengal

City: Kolkata

Latitude:22.5697 (22° 34’ 10.92" N)

Longitude:88.3697 (88° 22’ 10.92" E°)

(no shady work used for this)


Don’t make so many posts @watchmedotthibault#11732


Sorry if i did , i’m even afraid to respons back now?

i just found out that number is still actief so i’m letting people know

and after few calls i got their information so i share that aswell or do i something wrong

i’m just actief sorry for that

Found out their information
Region :West Bengal
City: Kolkata
Latitude:22.5697 (22° 34' 10.92" N)
Longitude:88.3697 (88° 22' 10.92" E°)

(no shady work used for this)

The scammer for call center IP: pccureexperts.com (Kolkata, India), Parent company: Maven Infotech Pvt Ltd aka urgentechelp.com Address: : 205 & 206, 5/8 Block A, 2nd Floor, Eco Space Park, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156, India. Phone: +91 33 4031 8900

@FOXYCallum1#11718 not a redirect but more of an iframe of gotoassist

I have had a blast with these guys. I’m trying so hard to make one of them lose their cool.

Finally had one lose his cool when I called him out on being a certified “Microsoft” technician. Let him play in a Windows 7 VMbox with a fake “banking info” folder on the desktop. That was literally the first thing he opened and he couldn’t figure out how to stop a fake pop up with task scheduler.