Dr. Oz's ED pills - add inches guaranteed!

There’s a website, oefito.com, that looks like a shopping website but as far as I can tell the checkout never functions.

However, the specially crafted link in the spam SMS - here’s the link: (Todays Inside News: Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment) leads to a subdomain which goes to a “Dr. Oz’s dick pills” site.

There’s a buy button that cycles between three sites: tryerectifil.com, phenoman-male.com, tryerectiplex.com.

It’s very clever. If you go directly to these sites, there’s nothing there. You have to click through the spam to get to a specific link.

I ran fake buys on those sites and the credit card charges come from weird merchant names: firstenergyelkectricalp, infiniteideastationery

Anybody know whose short code 86574 is?

Or any other info about the company selling these?

Since this is SMS spam I will sue for TCPA if I can identify the company. Any help with info is appreciated.

Here are the internal links