Don't Post your Scam Posts under "Members"

I’ve noticed some people adding the “member” tag to their number, email, website or related post. What you may not realise is that this tag hides your post from google, so if a victim were to research that number, they would not see your post in search results.

So please, if you want to get your post up in search, don't use the members tag for scam posts. You **can**, however, use it for questions about a new scam strategy you might've seen or a sensitive question you might not want non members to see.




@Zachinquarantine_#182717 ok thanks for the heads up

ok thanks up

Hey, about my post that you locked, that was not someones personal number, it really was a tech support scammer calling me but they changed the number and it is someone else’s number now who is a real person and not a scammer, or the scammer was using a call spoofer and that wasn’t his number at all and it was someone else’s, idk but it was an Indian scammer calling me and now his number changed I guess or he was spoofing his number and using a real persons number, but yeah I can’t find that scammer now