Donation 419 SCAM

Email sender: Mrs. Ranka Mandic ([email protected], [email protected])
Email title: Donation

Dear beloved

My name is Mrs Ranka Mandic, a dying woman who has decided to donate my life entitlement to you/church for humanity services. I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years
ago. Immediately after the death of my husband, who left me everything he worked for.I am living in pain and fighting effortlessly to live a normal life but all to no avail.

I am doing this because I have few months to live as a human I therefore need a reliable fellow to champion my course by receiving this funds and investing it in a private business and donating thirty percent of profit generated to the less privilege or if you are not into any business, you can receive the funds as my next of kin and assist me in distributing it to the less privilege provided you will be honest and sincere with me.
Do not bother responding if you are not honest or sincere.

If you are interested , kindly reply to me for further details on the amount involved and how to go about it.

Kinds Regards
Mrs Ranka mandic

Hi! I have a business and I received the same email today.

This one strikes again

Dear beloved Friend

I am Ranka Mandic. Due to my sick condition suffering from cancer already in the Hospital sick bed I’m contacting you to manage my Donation valued USD7.5 M for War victims and poor children of the World. If you are interested and sincere to manage
my donation for the poor and charity, please reply for further details.


Kinds Regards
Mrs Ranka Mandic

2nd email:

Dear beloved

So happy to hear from you that you are there for me, to help me manage the funds to the needy and poor, I have entrusted all in your care with hope and belief you will never betray the trust I invested in you as a sincere and honest person. This is my late husband hard earned money as REAL Estate and a civil Engineer, he died as a result of earth quake that claims overs thousands people in Turkey.

I will make a provision of %40 of the total funds valued of US$7.5 MILLION funds to you, 60% goes to charity that will be manage by you on the process of Transfer the funds to you for charity purpose. I’m here in sick bed with hope you will manage the funds because this world is vanity

So kindly send the following information to me to enable me file the information to the Bank on your behalf,

1- complete Name
2-contact Address
3-Telephone No…
4-certified ID or passport to forward to the financial institutions as my elected next of kin.

Finally, I have entrusted all in your care don’t allow my dream to die.

waiting to read from you for other required information.

Mother Ranka Mandic

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