Doing some Digging on the real Synergy Finance: just some stuff I found was interesting (Report)

Abstract: don’t know if this will help with baits, but I decide to look into the real Synergy Finance. Cool to maybe look at if you want to learn more about the synergy finance legitly. Maybe you are a beginner baiter, looking into synergy finance. Some veterans of the community probably already know this stuff, but it is still interesting to refresh none of the less to help you identify real Synergy Finance and scammers.

Disclaimer: this is what the true synergy does, not the scammers. Synergy is supposedly a legit business. regardless, I am a very skeptical person. do more research on numbers before calling numbers.

SynergyFinance ask for your email:
usually you will get items such as this:

You will also get a forum in an email that is similar to this:

In that form, they give you their website (which when you look into…)
I will let you do your own homework on that: