Doing academic research into scambaiting

Hey everyone, I am doing my thesis this year at university and I’m looking at a topic to do with analyzing effective scambaiting using tools like AI. I will be working with people that have already done some research into scammers and their techniques, so hopefully we can flip the script and look at you guys. This is very preliminary, and I am still new to scambaiting, so I would like to gauge the general consensus on whether you guys would be willing to provide recordings of your scambaits (for the AI part of things) or answer questions and surveys. Also if any of you have concerns with this, definitely tell me.


Hey, welcome.
There’s some very cool and knowledgeable folks in this forum, hoping they can help you.

I do not use artificial intelligence. I use a cell phone, or TextNow, or Google Voice to make the phone call. I might play one of five different characters. I will change my voice to match the character. However, no voice-changing software is used. If you can use any of it for your thesis though, you are welcome to download what you want at Joseph Normand Grinnell - YouTube . I grew up in a house where everything was “Shhh! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. They will know!” (We were not in the Witness Protection Program. I think my late mother was just damaged by being a child in Nazi-occupied France from 1940-44.) I therefore do not hide my identity. The price tag is I will get a few scammers per year calling me, just to swear at me. I also average about one cease-and-desist letter per year. I have not received one yet in 2023, so I am not doing my job.