Does anyone know where I can get free online phone sofware?

I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find software that I can use to send/receive calls.

There are a number of ways to achieve this, I think you are looking for two different things.

  1. Phone Service
  2. Software

The phone service can come from a plethora of suppliers but if you want to own and control it then you need to redirect to use VoIP.

I was doing this for years to give my old business a presence around the world.

So in my home I had a couple of old routers that each supported 2 VoIP ports, you can then plug a headset or phone into that. Later I moved to smaller VoIP adapters for about $20 on ebay because they were easy to travel with. I then plugged in a couple of DECT phones from Philips and I was away.

I then used online phone providers to redirect numbers to those Voip phones, I started with the worst which was Grasshopper, then a few others and finally a company called twilio, I then used a script I bought online to give a nice call management front end to the numbers.

This allowed me to buy numbers for a dollar a month and route the calls for free, I could also record the calls.

If you watch the scambaiting videos you can see that scammers tend to use a pirated version of Xlite, baiters tend to use TextNow and now baiters own creation, BobRTC.

If run this via a PC you just need a headset.

I have seen some good examples online of the software used I imagine each has their advantages.

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This helped me a lot thanks so much :smile:

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I forgot to mention Google Voice, it can be temperamental, supposed to only work in USA but some VPN’s can fool it.