Do you need a VPN when calling tech support scammers?

I’m using a virtual machine and midway through the scam call I was thinking that the person could find my IP. Is that true and if yes do you need a VPN?


@Markiemm#44630 Ok. A scammer connected to my computer and I did not have a VPN. Do you think I am safe? Thanks for the help.

@JMGamingandStuff#44632 You should be fine. Like what Markiemm said, scammers can get your ip if they are using network packet sniffers such as wireshark, but most scammers don’t bother using those tools. Also scammers can only get your ip address if the remote access tool is or teamviewer. Otherwise if they try to get your ip with wireshark or some other network packet sniffer, they can only see a server ip and not your real ip.