Do you guys think this is the real ScammerPayback?

The image: Screenshot by Lightshot

(By the way if this post breaks any rules, I will delete it)


Screen shot says it’s been removed. It doesn’t go to a working image.

That number in the message is a known Microsoft tech support call centre
Sounds like crap to me
They are scammers


Sorry for no image!

Tech support scam. If they do not answer, I will try dialing on Monday

Sounds like a scam, because of the broken grammar, therefore the person isn’t properly fluent in English, while Scammer Payback is. (e.g Microsoft is one word, but the scammer spelt it as “micro soft”)

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You tube, chaneel, i ll. i guess that says it all. he’s defo a scammer

Called them at 21:54 BST, and got the message of “Your call has been forwarded to the voicemail of Tech101.” Searched them up and got results of a moblie shop in the philippines.