Do I know you?

Are you @dotzek ?

took you long enough lol.

@Koko#8039 I’ve had a hunch since your first post. Why retire the old account?

Also this discussion will remain private, so no need to worry.


Nah i don’t,

I opened a new one because i had you shake off my other account, been ratting iYogi and a couple of other big companies, need to be totaly be anonymous about it, although Dotzek is a nick name with no relation to my real name, i used it in other hacking site. with a perfectly anonymous name no one would even know how to start looking for me.

@Koko#8117 Do you still call up Iyogi?

Also, does anyone else know about the other account besides me?


pretty sure r34p3r and thunder know about it.

i got 3 cmpts of iyogi ratted but the last time i saw them was a week ago, mother fuckers are sneaky