Diversified Recovery Bureau, BBB-Accredited FRAUDULENT DEBT COLLECTORS.


The number was marked as spam by Google and belongs to Diversified Recovery Burau, LLC, a BBB-accredited debt collection agency with a grade of B. While they appeared to have called my Google Voice number in “error,” several complaints reveal the company actively engages in harassing calls to victims and their family members to collect fraudulent debts, often without consent, either by themselves or through overseas call centers and spoofed phone numbers.

The company is primarily located at the Gardenville Commerce Center at 40 Gardenville Pkwy W Ste 201, West Seneca, NY 14224-1387. They also operate from the Memorial Office at 5700 Memorial Hwy, Suite 206/207, Tampa, Fl 33615

The company was subject to TCPA lawsuits in the states of California, Florida, Illinois and New York.


Associated Phone Numbers:
(888) 612-3634

[MUSIC] “This is Jessica with DRB. Calls are recorded for quality assurance.”


(716) 204-7146


Associated Email Address - [email protected]