Disruptions to website services

Hey all, just to let you know, the site is experiencing some sort of DoS attack.

I’ve increased server resources by double, meaning we now have 16GB of RAM and 16 CPU cores for the website.

Whoever is attacking our website is probably siding with the scammers.

I’ll keep you all updated if we find a way to prevent this.

@thunder#707 its no longer under attack

@brandon14#708 I know, but if the site becomes laggy again, at least people will know why.

bhen ke laude

@bhenkelaude365#711 madarchod

teri maa ka bhosoda maru tu madarchod, bhosdike.


We have to DDoS them Back!

We should disturb them as much as possible.

post the address of atackers.

@Antyss08#722 I’m not up for encouraging illegal activities, sorry.

@thunder#728 There is no such law in my country and its not considered as ilegal.

Address please.

@thunder#728 We should do something legal that affects them. We should report them like hell. Google has a service to report websites and thake them down but for phone I don’t know any type of service.