Discord Scammers

Now normally I’d avoid these skids but hey, They’re not only scammers but pedophiles.
3 US and a few abroad. Even though my Name is “El Suneo” I’m not hispanic, I’m russian.

Now let’s continue.
Kelly’s IP:
Yes it’s a school IP, However. I Have a bit more info about it. He’s on a Mac OS X Computer, with what appears to be a low screen res pointing to a Laptop rather then a desktop.

Kelly is a Known scammer and an complete asshole. Live’s in Vinesland NJ. He claims to be a “Ukrainian” but idk his online personallity screams I’m a US Citizen and I have been all along.
He’s also a skateboared, which there’s plenty of skate parks in Vinesland.

He’s got blond hair but can’t confirm if it’s Him Doubt it though. I’d Phone the school but the US Hates russia so I’d be no use. Could have others do it, But I caused enough trouble already.

Lulz: Yep this fucking moron is a scammer, but also a pedophile. I Have her on record admitting to it.
Lulz Admitting to being a pedophile

Now this moron is a little easier to track due to a lotta reasons.
Go to https://dark.faill/ on Tor and look for dread it’s the dark web alt of reddit. Now once you’ve copied Dread, add /u/lulzandfeelz to the end of it.

she has a telegram under the same name as her dread profile, Doing Google searches reveals more info.
Her name? Jessica, Formerally Cheawin. Got swatted in 2015, Resurfaced in 2017 around the time Anonymous was around and died off.

Claims to be untouchable.

Perfect storm. Another “Dark Web Vendor” Lives in the US. Probally Lulz’s Husband.

Ghxst Lives In Ideao, Will edit his Centery Link IP In here once I find it again.

“Elchapo” No not the Mexican Kingpin who’d smack this 15 year old’s attitdude and cockiness right off, He’s a sawwwwffffttttttt Demark Moron, Formally from Itally. Now let me ask the following question:

How many 15 year olds live in the 8210 Postal code of AHRUSS Demark who are formmer itallians who spent 7.5 years of their life in Italy in the 8210 post cod of AHRUSS Denmark? Not a whole lot. Now let’s enjoy this skid. His sellix: https://sellix.io/ElChaposhop

Enjoy these pedophile/pedo supporting discord clowns. Have them arrested boys and girls, Ladies and Gentleman.

All are known scammers and sell stolen data. Too bad they talked a lotta shit and now they’re going to eat it. I’ll find their shit and edit as time goes on giving us a more valid case to begin a lawsuit.


Let’s have another Discord attended, today is a skid spree :joy: Also kinda confused, is the market a scam or are they that lowlife to sell actual stolen data on the clear-net?

They sell data via the clearnet, None of them are bright.

I mean I’m able to keep them giving me data on who they are.
Lulz = Jessica. She’s From California.
Ghxst is from Ideao.
Kelly is in Vinesland NJ. Loves Skateboarding, and Has blonde hair.
Elchapo is in Denmark. 15 Years old, In the 8210 Postal code of AHRUUS (Former Itallian).
Dr is from Texas, I Have His Current IG Password and IP.
PerfectSt0rm Is also a skid.

Google can locate all of them for the most part. They fucked up badly.

I Have Jessica’s Facebook complete with family photos.