Discord phishing site + Personal info of scammer behind it

Phishing site: 3 months of Discord Nitro free from STEAM
dilscordilgifxr.com whois lookup - who.is

Natalya Yurkina
freejampshow[email protected]

After a google search with that email address, I have found some other phishing pages and his youtube channel with 1.5k subscribers. It seems mostly inactive with the last upload being six months ago, but maybe there’s something deeper someone smarter than me can find.

Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @krolfj
Discord server: Нора

This website contacted 5 IPs in 3 countries across 4 domains to perform 28 HTTP transactions . The main IP is , located in Belize City, Belize and belongs to DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ. The main domain is nitrodiscorb.icu .

TLS certificate: Issued by R3 on June 16th 2022. Valid for: 3 months.[ nitrodiscorb.icu ]Show Scans 7 3570 similar pages on different IPs, domains and ASNs foundShow Scans 3570

AxxoSecurity Services’ Verdict: Potentially Malicious

Targeting these brands: Discord (Instant Messenger)

Live information

Google Safe Browsing: Malicious for nitrodiscorb.icu

Current DNS A record: (AS262254 - DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ)