Discord NFT/Crypto Scammer - Dilazo#8871

Scammer - Dilazo#8871 (UID: 967525932841725952, from the servers for Plasmophobia and Snoop Dogg)

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord. Once accepted, they will first ask for where you live and introduce themselves as from “Canada, Montreal.”

They will then ask what you do and ask if you know about NFTs, as they are a crypto enthusiast and trader. They will then ask if you can know how you can earn from an NFT.

They will then ask if you want to earn in NFTs, but you have to have an NFT of your own. In this case, I sent them a Grabify link to youareanidiot.cc with Smart Logger enabled as they operate via a mobile phone.

Associated IP Address -

They operate from Las Vegas, Nevada on an iPhone running iOS 15.5 with COGENT-174 as their ISP.