Discord issue

I am already a Discord user for gaming, one of the reasons I chose the platform was the ability to assure my members of absolute privacy from each other, I locked it down to prevent people being able to see each others emails or phone numbers.

Even then there were a few holes left open by discord on private messaging and I had one user harassing another who was female and turned out to have lied about her age.

In Scam Baiting we are dealing with some very serious people, they have built a criminal enterprise and have the money to “deal” with anyone if they can identify them. If you look at the sister videos of Jim Browning’s recent video where he had the video of the bosses, you might have seen the effective kidnapping of the employee who planted the RAT. The boss took control of the employees phone and messaged the baiter on Whatsapp with threats.

We have to assume that some members here are scammers or scammer bosses, so I was very disappointed to see the requirement to provide a phone number to join the Discord. I do not see any point in doing this as people can get fake numbers on Google Voice or other VoIP services.

Anyway, I would advise that you give serious locking of threads and and categories as you really have to be explicit with Discord permissions.

Let me know if there is any change to the policy of requiring phone number or email to join the discord of this website.

Hard to understand about Scam

It is not a scam, it is site feedback

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We understand the issue of trust with Discord, I can bet you’ve given more personal information to them than you realise.

The phone number verification is in place to prevent spam accounts and ban evasion - Something very common to the server. Discord is good at picking up on VoIP and online phone numbers. I personally use a burner SIM for various online accounts, less than £10 and looks legit.

Subpoenas have been made to discord, requesting personal information of certain users in our discord in the past. But Discord are very stubborn to give up that data. So, if you want to give your real, daily number to Discord - Don’t worry about it falling in the hands of scammers.

As for scammers joining the forum/server - It’s happened before and we have no intentions of making more effort to stop them from doing so. We have measures in place and they work well for now.

We do have hidden categories on the forum, and we have hidden channels on the discord server containing chats which are potentially sensitive - The requirements to view these are at a very high standard.

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The reason I chose Discord for my gaming is that I did not have to provide ANY information other than an Alias email. Others considered Line and Whatapp, even signal requires a number.

I disabled all call functionality and I like the permissions matrix of Discord for my server needs (we are just players of a game).

I am not worried about Subpoenas but I do not give my personal information online, I do not do social media.

It is not a problem, I will contribute here as much as I am able within the limitations of the configuration herein.

Thanks for what you do.