Discord Generator V2 Malware

so randomly I found link who download malware from https://cdn.discordapp.com/. The server id is 862065050133856266 and channel where malware posted is 862067129305006151. So I reverse engineering the executable and I found its grabber. hah stupid scammer. :joy: :joy:

Webhook Information → {“type”: 1, “id”: “861746265166315550”, “name”: “Stealer”, “avatar”: null, “channel_id”: “861746445521649734”, “guild_id”: “861216740633214986”, “application_id”: null, “token”: “SECRET”}
VirusTotal → Click Here

Some Pictuees for make the scammer more angry:

Man its not even obsfucated. There is no chance it would make it past win defender lmao

You would be amazed of the sheer incompetence of Windows Defender.

Yeah I use eset, It’s the best AV in my opinion. It even stops viruses in my VM. It does that via network. OH SHIT I WAS PROBABALY USING BRIDGED

Hey @ParanormalActivity2 Whats your discord @ i wanna learn how to do this.

GitHub - dnSpy/dnSpy: .NET debugger and assembly editor most likely is the thing PA2 used in this case. It’s real comfortable to use dnSpy when having a C# executable (not endorsing or advertising tho.)

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We also have an in-built private chat on the platform if you want to exchange that information in private…But I believe you are both in the PopupDB/Scambaiting Squad server.

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How do i pm you

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Thank you

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