Discord Forex/Crypto SCAMMER - jayden logan#0868

Scammer - jayden logan#0868 (UID: 1013348144190328862, from the YouTube server).


  • IP Address - (Port Harcourt, Nigeria :nigeria:)
  • Local IP -
  • Device - Infinix S5 Lite (Android 9, 360x800 display, PowerVR Rogue GE8320 chipset)
  • Browser - Google Chrome
  • ISP - MTN NIGERIA Communication limited

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord. Once accepted, they will introduce themselves as “Jayden Logan” from London, who is new to the server and trying to make friends. They will then ask where you live and what you are into.

They will then explain their interest in American and British stock markets, forex and crypto indices, and then ask if you have any experience in cryptocurrency, as they are a “financial adviser, broker, trader and investor” helping “people achieve their financial dreams through the crypto market.” They claim to be currently busy in the “futures trade,” stacking up for the end of the year when projections “might be hitting the roof.”

They will then explain the various “challenges” crypto is facing now, and then tell you all about how to “buy the dip” and ask if you know the equity values attached to trades, as it’s an “advantageous season.”

They will then explain their crypto method of “HODL & EARN” and then ask if regulating cryptocurrency is a wise decision.

They will then explain their “BOT system” that returns 2.5% yield on the hour for about 6 hours a day, only to later repeat themselves, and then try to get their victims to sign up for Coinbase.

I then proceeded to “sign up” by setting up a Grabify link to theannoyingsite.com with Smart Logger enabled under the guise of a screenshot proving I signed up.