Directv/AT&T scam for eBay cards -- 888-691-3339

888-691-3339 – Please let them know that David Clark sent ya to them!

Act now, they can’t change their phone number for a day or two while waiting on payments. The IT guy (a.k.a. co-owner) is pretty funny guy if you can bait him into talking to you.



Aww. They decided to quit picking up for me. Anyone else have any luck?


I’ve got in

I was talking to Dave Clark for about 20 mins. He wants to dig up my dead mom and f her.

this guy is the chillest scammer ever

Most speak Punjabi and Hindi

Nothing but a busy signal now. :sob:

If someone can find this Directv/AT&T scam again, please forward me the number. I miss talking to my friend!

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Poor guys. I guess they’re too busy to talk to me now. And, I PUT THEM ON THE MAP!

This is such a thankless job. :blush:

Ah I finally got through. 16 minutes on hold! UNACCEPTABLE.

Only to be told that he’s busy now, and dropped the f-bomb on me. I guess we can’t be friends now. :sob:

Mr. David Clark and I, as well as a third caller, were conferenced into the same phone line a few times. Thanks for posting this phone number. I have had a great time for about an hour since I saw for the first time this thread. It is a good sign when they start conferencing us into the same phone line. It means that we are annoying them!

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Had a great time with you boys. Looks like the number is gone for good. Been a busy signal and hangup for last 16 hours or so.

This one is DEAD! Will catch up with you on the next scam. :blush:

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Let us Kno my. I am on a mission to find him.

This is working 877-327-0368

This number is dead now.

Going to close out this thread. New number located on this thread. Everyone feel free to join in. Super chill again today! :slight_smile:


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The get several new numbers daily. Located in Mohali/Chandigarh Punjab sate of India

I’d love to work with these guys daily. Anyway to monitor this specific call center? So much fun.

They like to state they are in Israel. :small_airplane:


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I talked to two scammers in Punjabi