Direct TV Scam

Ask for Paul Johnson. They ask for SSN and Credit Card Number. I gave them fake ones. 3053632366

(At the end they start insulting me XD)

Heres my call with them:

i called like 10 times and he kept getting angry and saying the same shit over and over again

good call by the way that was hilarious

@steve#9779 Thanks man.

@steve#9777 Really? Wow! What a scumbag. Did you talk to Paul Johnson?

I started talking shit about AT&T and they agreed with me. AT&T owns DTV ffs

@FuelDaFlame#9908 haha now that’s funny:joy::upside_down:

@FuelDaFlame#9908 Wow what an idiot.

Yep. Research before you scam.

AT&T is partner with Direct TV .

Does it work on Skype

@Wheuije#10041 no