Did not end up the way I expected!

The first guy was an idiot but when he heard how much I was willing to pay, oh boy! So he sent me to his senior supervisor and she got mad because she said the bank was not as far as I said. So I called back and talked to another witch and told her my whole story and she hung up. SO I CALLED BACK and got ?? James Roy?? who, after I told him I broke my leg which I still am suffering from, told me about how he broke his legs and was all concerned and told me he would send me a payment plan. Not jaded yet, I guess, but he will be if he keeps this up.




Definitely a hard :poop: alert on this one…

@contentUNdeleted#72172 wow

@JusticeinTexas#72150 Case of the broken legs

@drwat#73632 I have been threatened with the breaking of my legs if I didn’t pay!