Delta Airlines Travel New Scammer 8586090482 , 8506040024, 8503874960, 8883089968

Here’s all the numbers I tested out so far…

+1 858-609-0482 (Didn’t answer as of 5:05pm PST)
Waited the whole call. No one picked up, nor was there a robot/voicemail at the end.

+1 850-604-0024 (Works as of 5:06pm PST)
Instantly sent me to a representative. Works perfectly fine.

+1 888-308-9968 (Works as of 5:07pm PST)
Still waiting for someone to pick up. Less ‘representatives’ working at the moment due to a time difference.

+1 850-387-4960 (Works as of 5:12pm PST)
Marcus picked up the phone within 30 seconds after I dialed the number. Almost no wait.

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858-609-0482 Paul Thursday 3-2-23 8:19PM EST

850-604-0024 Malechode Thursday 3-2-23 8:20PM EST

850-387-4960 Paul Thursday 3-2-23 8:22PM EST

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888-308-9968 on hold lol its good music

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I’ve play really reaqlly loud sounds into my microphone… great number.


+1 858-609-0482 answers 8:50pm

888-308-9968 i think thier saying micro soft answers

850-604-0024 Still Active Malechode Monday 3-6-23 9:28PM EST

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+1 850-604-0024 active 9:30pm

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Still all working

850-604-0024 Still Active Male Monday 3-27-23 9:12PM EST

Active and IVR 101#
They block

850-604-0024 Still Active Male Saturday 4-8-23 2:31PM EST