Delta Airline Impersonators | | (800) 370-8748

Found the site:
Linked to the following:

7045825960 is a call back number.

According to Michael, they are located in Punjab.

I should note that one the second link, a lot of those numbers seem to lead to the actual Delta, so be careful when calling them, or don’t call at all is their company name/website. Using the wayback we can see that the 8748 number is on both flycotravels website and the impersonation website, how do I contact Delta airlines via phone? – Flight Reservation Help Desk for Booking & Any help. As well as here: Delta airlines Booking Number 800-370-8748, New York

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So SNVA is back to posting new numbers great. Or is this a follow up?

more a follow up, but i’d like to see a more concrete connection to SNVA

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I think I mentioned the connection between the two via Traveloes it owns Flycoair and Traveloloes is owned by SNVA.

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thanks, I will try and remember to look into this later today

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Reasearch done and quick they are connected. But they changed their website to hide the portfolio or they just updated the Traveloes site. SNVA is a big travel scam company with companies like Flycoair. Hope that’s concretely enough? @Chronus.