Dell tech support scam

Phone number: +18666668058

Website: </s><e>

Found from Googling “Dell support”. They also have a live chat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alleged Information

Name: Arjun Mishra
Organization: UAC TECH
Address: 2445 West 18Th St
City: Wilmington
State: Deleware
Postal Code: 19806
Country: United States
Phone: +1-706-505-2969 (Not a registered US phone number)
Email: [email protected]
Other Domains:,

Actual Information -------------------

Name: Arjun Mishra
Address: 24A DDA MIG Flats
City: Dehli
State: Dehli
Country: India
Phone: +91-971-180-7055

Here are a couple of images containing all domains registered to him.
As well as an image of where he lives

A PSA to scammers: Don't use .us domains, bad idea...

PSA = Public service announcement.

Anyways, a lot of scammers are in india. I really hope that they are so untrained and don't use vms.

Scammers: vms stands for vending machines. Vending machines are vending machines are vending machines are vending machines are vending machines dispenses drinks to the scammers to keep up the bad work. You don"t understand me do you, indian scammers. Love, Without scamming people. So do it for free.

Seems like Google has taken down the advertisement and no answer to the number even though it is daytime in India. Anyone else tried yet?

@iChutya#3500 I talked with Arjun, he promised to take the domains down. So we’ll see.

Details about this Indian scammer:

ARJUN MISHRA is the main person behind this. Reussite Technologies Pvt Ltd

Indian Directors: ADIT GUPTA


USA central figure: Arjun Mishra

Help Line : +1-877-319-2999

Office No 909-910, Plot No A-40 , Secotr 62, 9th floor, Noida, India- (their window glass shows this address pasted)

Email ID: [email protected] (@QTechies) | Twitter Email: [email protected]
Arjun Mishra, Uac Tech 2445 West 18Th St Wilmington DE +1.7065052969
Arjun Mishra controsl these domains also:

Phone +91.9711807055 (India) Arjun Mishra 24A DDA MIG Flats m New Delhi, India +91.9711807055 Registrant Postal Code: 110075 Arjun Mishra A 19 1st Floor Palam extension Dwarka sector 7 +91.9013326751

Tech Connect - 24x7 Technical Support 1866-629-7525



Phone: +1-706-505-2969 USA
India; +91.9013326751

@Lecter#3444 damn youre pretty good at getting that information

@drwat#86531 Called on the Tech Connect number. As @Lecter#3555 told him to take the domains down, he didn’t. Don’t expect anything from these scammers.