Deleting Files - Why it is pointless

After seeing deleting files video on a center I have a PC in, it made me want to make this kind of post.

Seeing so many people, deleting files is just stupid and the main reason I think it’s stupid as they can recover it using software and will most likely have backups. Really all that does is make the scammers aware you got access and how, this can be bad as it gives away the method you use to get and delete their files and can ruin another scambaiters access to that computer or center as they may reset.

The same also applies with destroying scammers computers too, unless you know their resetting and theirs nothing you can do that’s when I feel like you should memz’d them personally.

What I would suggest people do is simply download, take those files and warn the victims and use it for gathering company info silently, their are also other things you can such as backdooring the systems, however that is illegal and can get you into trouble, I wouldn’t recommend doing it.


I agree. Getting victim details and observing the scammer is all important. Any scammer who doesn’t have a back up is dumb, and scammers are not dumb. I feel alarmed when victims are contacted and the scambaiter is thought of as a scammer when only trying to help. How ironic. I would like to see Action Fraud publish stats on how scambaiters information is helping closing down the scammers.

Indeed, even just deleting files and warning victims does more than downloading and deleting as deleting just gives away the method meaning you won’t be able to do it again.

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