Dec 13 Fake CRA: 226-312-2730

December 13, 2018: 10:45 AM EST: 226-312-2730 Chatham, Ontario number via Distribtel

Standard faux CRA, quick to rage, triggered now.

Says call rejected. Tried 3 different Canadian area codes. Weak chutiyas must of ran away already.

@Chutiyaslayer69#66648 I get the same(call rejected when spoofing Canadian area code), but when I call using area code (512) which I think is Texas I get through. I also get through with area code (318) and (406) and (772)

They are still live and answered an 865 area code. The guy answering the phone seemed very tired and even stumbled getting out “CRA”.

@AussieScamBuster#66650 good to know. I also tried 815. Not sure if these guys block area codes. But will proceed to bombard.

Appear to be in Nagaland, possibly Kohima

They are getting hit pretty bad. Heard a chutiya in the background “for what reason are you calling this number?!?!”

@Beebe23#66659 do they know hindi? Called the guy a chutiya and he seemed confused.

Looks like they caught on…number down

@Chutiyaslayer69#66648 “Must have” please never write “must of”.

@Too_Penisy#66711 don’t let the way I write bother you so much.