Debt collector scam at 800-363-6676

debt collector scam at 800-363-6676

@TheCEoHN#109379 they say they are in india routed from san deigo ca

These people won’t really do anything without a valid account number or a SSN on file. I guess spamming them repeatedly with calls is the only real way to do anything as it’s hard to bait these guys.



lets take some revenge then:


The only thing we can do is mass call, they aren't baitable as I said without an account number or SSN on file.

These scammers operate as Midland Credit Management aka and are owned by Midland Funding LLC.

In researching the background of MCMPay - Midland Funding LLC is the creditor or owner of debt obligations while its affiliate, Midland Credit Management (MCM), is a licensed debt collector who services accounts. MCM claim they are dedicated to helping consumers to relieve the stress of unpaid debt but in reality scam them out of their hard-earned savings.

Midland Credit Management via Midland Funding LLC are actually part of a wider scam of companies run by a parent entity named, Encore Capital Group Inc, who also owns Atlantic Credit and Finance + MRC Receivables Corporation.

Info about this scam and their related companies was sourced from a case docked filed in the State of Maryland last month against Encore Capital Group Inc. - more details available here:

MCM has it's 'US presence' registered at: 3111 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92108.

These guys have been running their scam as a debt collection agency since 2011 and in court filings during 2013 it is stated that Encore spent more than $525 million to purchase consumer credit card accounts in the U.S. (that is 10 cents to the dollar).

The way this debt collection scam works: (1) they send a letter through the post with a number to call back, (2) in order to avoid receiving any communication from the recipient in writing the instruct the call back so there is no evidence of disputing the debt in a manner which is misleading/deceitful.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that limits the behavior and actions of third-party debt collectors who are attempting to collect debts on behalf of another person or entity. The instructions by MCM to debts to call-back is termed as an oral dispute which does not trigger FDCPA verification requirements, that
includes a temporary suspension of collection efforts until verification is provided.

If anyone from the community here needs more info on how MCM ply their scam, please contact the legal team (John Blythin / jblythin[@] | Jesse Fruchter / [email protected]) at ADEMI & O’REILLY, LLP who are pursuing these scumbags in courts across the country [phone via (414) 482-8000].

Quick note: while encore capital group is legit, the processes/tactics leveraged by their subsidiary companies are far from legal and mostly scam-like / questionable which is the reason they get lumped into the scam category.

Further reading material is available via this link:

@TheCEoHN#109379 something is wrong here with them being identified as a scam number. I called them today and spoke with agent Richard Woodbridge, here’s the recording so you folks can decide for yourself:

1- as with the usual scams, this agent identified themselves as the India Operations Center where the call had landed;

2- they willingly provided a second number that can be called, another 1800 (265-8825) and clarified that MCM is not the same as Midland Funding.

So unsure if they're plying a scam on behalf of a legit debt collection business.

I found MCM account numbers folks from here can use (obtained them from the courts' dockets) to work the lines:
- 8539174810 (name on account was Ken);
- 8564471251 (account manager was James Craig);
- 8573691269 (original creditor was Comenity bank);
- 8559659948 (name on account was Huebner).


Do not ever put debt collectors in BobRTC.

The phone number is legitimate and the Indian voice is to an outsourced call center.


Like i told you a few days ago (on another post about debt collectors)

I will not add debt collectors to bobrtc

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