Dear email owner, (SCAM)

Email sender: IMF Information Department [email protected]
Email title: Dear email owner,
Body: –
Dear email owner,

This is to let you notice that your email address was chosen by random
To receive a compensation fund via visa ATM card worth Us $2.8 million
From the IMF. Therefore, we wish also confirm if your email address is
Still valid, just in case yes, we recommend that you contact our
Information department [email protected] for validating that your
Email is still valid and also for further information on the fund and
How to apply to receive your compensation fund.

Information department

I am hereby writing you this message in acknowledgement to your mail dated 30th OCT 2022 regarding the Donation fund (US$2.8M) and the contents of your mail were noted.
First and foremost, may I use this medium to bring to your knowledge that this fund in question is 100% risk free to get to your destination once you submit authorization/power of attorney for this bank to transfer the US$2.8M to you.

However, you have two best options to receive the US$2.8M and the options are;

A). Through Bank to Bank wire transfer

B). Through ATM Card

If you choose to receive the said fund through Bank to Bank wire transfer, our bank will do the wire transfer through our correspondent bank in Europe, because Uganda authorities can not permit our bank to transfer such a huge amount of money out of Uganda at once because of our Country’s financial situation at the moment. Also, being that the US$2.8M is under Insurance Bond Coverage, nobody is permitted to deduct 1cent out of the US$2.8M and for the wire transfer to take place, it is your sole responsibility to pay for the wire transfer fee of $125.

Secondly, if you choose to receive the fund through ATM Card,You has to authorize this bank to change the beneficiary name of the account to your name thereafter this bank will issue to you an ATM Card upgrade it to US$10,000.00 or its equivalent in any local currency for withdrawal limit per a day and with the ATM Card you can use it to buy anything online with maximum limit of US$100,000.00 per a day and as well make bank to bank transfer with maximum limit of US$100,000.00 per a day. For you to receive the ATM Card it will cost you Courier Companies delivering Charges and Insurance of the ATM Card with Courier Company including bank charges for ATM Card fund activation fee of $95 .

In a nutshell, you are in better possible to choose any of the above options and if you choose option (A) as far as you have bank account, this bank can give you 100% guarantee of receiving the fund into your bank account safely within 48 working hours our correspondent bank in Europe wired the money into your bank account and in option (B) no authorities round the World that will question you for any reason because you are making withdrawal direct from Uganda Foreign Currency Account which is reflecting into your bank account and that was my reason(s) of telling you that both options are 100% risk free as far as this US$2.5M is concern.

I wait to hear from you confirming your option to receive the fund but please take proper note that it is your sole responsibility to pay for the bank service charge.

Thank you for your understanding as you follow the instructions.

Dr.Jacob Timothy
Email:([email protected] )

Phone: +256 701964054

We receive your mail and the content is well noted, What you have to do now is to email us your account details where to transfer the fund to you and it will cost you $125 to transfer the fund into your account ok

Do get back to me as soon as you receive this mail with your account details so that i will provide you an information to send the transfer charge $125.00

Respectfully Yours,
EMAIL:([email protected])
PHONE: +256 752512097 / WHATSAPP +256 760129563

Attn: Adriano Longobardi

I receive your mail and the content is well noted, i am writing this mail to reconfirm the information that you will use to send the fee $125 through MoneyGram or Ria


Receiver Name: Grace Asiimwe

Receiver Phone: +256 752512097

Country: Uganda
City: Kampala


Thank you for your understanding as you follow the instructions.
Respectfully Yours,
Mr.Scott Williams
Tel +256 752512097 Tel +256 779039091

Kampala, Uganda huh?