[DEAD] youtuber.com Fake Popup Scam

Number (works with FireRTC): 18884768138

Link: hxxp://amphidiscpinnet.bid/127/d2a0b44_7d6f003a578c783ef52983c10/

"Harry" claims to be located in Florida, however, he was unfazed that my address was 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500. We had a 5 minute discussion about what state Washington DC was in, he also wasn't surprised that I claimed my name was "Bigleton von Chadsworth." He actually wasn't mad when I told him it was a scam, he said "Haha, I love people like you, you did a good job."

Popup 404

[“youtuber.com Fake Popup Scam”,“[DEAD] youtuber.com Fake Popup Scam”]