[DEAD] Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Phone Number: 1-800-456-5495



I wish the scammers would just use the .racing tld.

had a long conversation with a guy and got this number 8186667903, if anyone wants to check it out

Called the number but they hang up, are you sure it is the right number?

(If you reply to the autodialer somebody will check it out.)

Number on the top of the post is DOWN.

[“Microsoft Tech Support Scam”,"[DEAD] Microsoft Tech Support Scam"]

@Jnteamed#5699 Did they seppuku?

@memes#5705 Yep, soon, they will be afraid of me and ask me to do anything for them to get their number removed.

And, scammers, All of my autodialers are harvesting numbers from here, whatever you like it or not, If you reply, there is no doubt you will encounter a bot. But you can always get an account here and use this command to say hi. /hi
and this to ask to remove your number: /removeplz 1-(your number here)

I don't have to be honest with scammers. So scammers think think think...