DEA scam (844) 694-1165 "medical"

Scam Number: (844) 694-1165
Scammer’s Website or Email: none
Additional information about this scam: These guys are making calls and pretending to be doing an investigation. Targeting medical professionals, here is what someone posted “They called claiming my nursing license and DEA was under investigation for controlled substance prescriptions. I don’t prescribe meds as a nurse.”

Here is the link to the post, they are answering but very skittish:


this guy is active right now

he’s a Nigerian piece of s***
let’s blow up this guy’s phone

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DIPVTEL, Benchodes pick up.

anybody know where he’s located in India

This dude is active again. He calls from a MS spoofed number and gives this 844 number to call back. When you confront him, he just hangs up. What a POS.


DEA active 10:15, EST.
On with them now. At least two of them are answering. Seasoned scanners, Indian accent

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After my fourth call and him cursing me out, he put his kid on the phone! His kid sounds maybe 11 or 12 and was cursing just as much as the father. What a great parent.
I’m calling them repeatedly with 5 phone lines and they are RAGING MAD

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Vulgar talk. Not sure if they merged my call with another person.

Can you explain how a scammer in India acquires a toll free number that rings in India? So you call the toll free number and it rings in India. Boggles the mind.

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This guy couldn’t be sitting further away from his microphone while talking. Takes a little while to agitate but he gets there eventually.

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