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Day and Night Trucking, LLC is a predator! They do not care about safety although they say they do. They do not care about their students. For 2 days I stood out in winter weather for less than 30 minutes of actual instruction time behind the wheel. The instructors made it very clear that they did not care if a student passed the test or not. They mentioned on day 3 that they had 50 accidents within one month from new drivers. When the concern was raised that we were not getting any real training they said they are fast paced (60 students for 5-7 instructors) and you as a driver are responsible for everything including paying them close to 10k and then went through a long list of reasons why so many of their drivers get terminated in the early months. It was obvious to me that they are in the business of making money (20% APR) on students that get their CDL but never succeed as drivers. SCAM!!!

The worst experience i ever had. After being on the road 9 months I received 3 incidents within 6 months. I take personal responsibility for my actions, however I didn’t feel that I deserved to be terminated, after the 2nd incident I was scheduled to attend an remedial class, however I was dispatched another load assignment. Company procedures specifies that an employee that has issues/concerns would have an opportunity to correct his/ her skills. I wasn’t given that opportunity, although previous employees with similar or more severe incidents were given the opportunity to correct their skills. It has affected my trucking reports severely, and my ability to continue my career as a professional truck driver. Fair treatment is all I ask for after completing my commitment, why couldn’t they return it. Just a number expendable.

Address: 14325 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90249


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Not the type of scam we deal with here, also, you’ve provided no proof.