Dawid Banned

Hi my friend David_slow_17 was banned yesterday for posting scam links,when he tried to prove the fact that he was right and the moderators were wrong,he was banned.Seems like moderators are not working upto their standards,expected standards,rather.

I am giving you guys 24 Hours to give me an explanation for this ban.

Looking forward to a genuine reply.

@EagleEyed#9203 We don’t answer to you. The sites he posted were mostly legitimate.

@EagleEyed#9203 you are David dont bs. :stuck_out_tongue:

@R34P3R#9207 What do you mean by "We dont answer to you."That’s your duty sir.

It would be beneficial on your part,if you could provide me with a genuine explanation within the next 24 Hours.

Don’t just talk to me like that.You could have told him to remove the legitimate sites,instead of abusing and banning him.

I am not David,nor am I related to him in any way in the physical world.

@EagleEyed#9210 Nope, that’s part of our privacy policy. You’re not David, his ban is not your concern. If you want to argue this out then add our Discord, and we can chat there. Discord

@EagleEyed#9210 Mate are you looking for a ban too?

Nobody abused the user in question till they were spoken to rudely. It doesn’t matter to us whether you give us 24 hours or 24 days. Your buddy will not be unbanned.

Oh and please learn to spell English words Maahir.

@1337mathster#9217 Listen I’m not being rude but you are abusing this banning thing. Your banning me for no reason and its not fair. You just a kid and should have no say in this as you are disrespectful and rude as well bud.

@R34P3R#9211 It is in fact your job to answer Eagle Eyed sir. Why are you working here then? You shouldn’t have mathster as a part of staff as he is completely abusing it and banning me for no reason.

@EagleEyed#9210 Thank you so much for your help man. I appreciate it.

@1337mathster#9217 Your rude and shouldn’t be on the internet.

The mod life is tough…


“I didn’t choose the mod life, the mod life chose me.”

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