Dating e-mail

I have received an e-mail from [email protected], the person identifying itself as “Anna”. The e-mail received is the following:

Hello! How is your day?.
I'am from Russia! This is Anna.
I 33! I'am have a a hope to build rapports which is why I'm address to the Internet and I write you,
Whenever you are single and if you’re open for new rapports, if you
appreciate my photograph, Please don’t hesitate to respond me, Im already waiting with desire,
I amwill try to tell you more about me, and send you more photographs,
I'm will communicate from my private email address: [email protected]
So please answer me there okey?
You know I am without relations but I am so much want to meet good and right guy and try to win his heart,
its my big dream, I am wish you will let me know more about your personality, I'm wait.
Your future new friend Anna...

She also attached a photo of her but I cannot upload it. Anyway, this person's English seems to be quite broken and this makes me believe that this is a scam.

This is a scam, Ignore and don’t respond!

This is a romance scam, not a 419. Also, the from address is forged.

Please post the entire “Received:” header of the email.


I agree with @memes#10470, they spoofed the from address hence the fact that they gave you a reply back email.

@memes#10470 the received header is composed of my e-mail address only.