Dark Comet is not showing users when they connect

Whenever I make a virus on DC I send it to my Virtual Machine and open it on there. it never works. I know that noip is working and I port forward correctly because can you see me says “I can see you” The passwords are matching. The only thing that it may be is Norton because when I open my computer Norton “says Backdoor trojan blocked your secure or it has blocked DC from accessing the internet.” I have it disabled to and it still blocks things.

Thanks for the help guys?

I suggest getting a better antivirus than Norton. I suggest trying avast. Avast actually does exclusions correctly.

Maybe try not using no ip…you are only RATTING your self so try local address and maybe you will see it…I don’t know I messed my computer up pretty bad using dark comet I would suggest being careful if you don’t know what you are doing or you may up like me…with a soon coming fresh windows install…p.s I ratted my actual computer…than had avast/spybot remove it…and messed up a whole load of things…??

For Norton you’ll need to disable the Firewall + Intrusion Prevention system.

I am staying away from this stuff!!! Unless someone will help me out?

Thx again guys