DAILY Social Security Administration

i love my tech support shops but theres something about a indian saying sociallll security administration

daily picks i test and i call - come back mon-friday mornings - updated daily


for some reason there now starting to say there from karachi instead of new delhi

412 WORKS hoarding … If your mother’s a donkey and daddy a monkey what are you ?:joy:

numbers going down fast,

another one : (248) 557-4377
hangs up if u mention new delhi

(231) 338–6747

new delhi administration

@newtondial#155940 Yes Delhi or Surat (Gujarat) or Thane (near Mumbai). These are some of the recent locations where the SSA scammers are located.

good morning soldiers


@newtondial#156053 one ring so far at 7am PST

(617) 996-8876


heres another one yall destroyed the one i jus posted in 5 min

617 leads to there main number


hi this is Pete from National disability I'm calling because you had inquired about applying for monthly Social Secu rity Disability Benefits now if you can call me back as soon as you can at xxx-xxx-xxxx we can get started on your application for monthly disability money now if you're already receiving Social Security benefits please feel free to ignore this call this isn't something you need to worry about but if you did want to apply for Social Security disability xxx-xxx-xxxx

Damn just called tried reconnecting me .

first call of day too … Damn …

national disability ?

houston area code FRESH

(832) 753-7596

(806) 717-2076

good morning soldiers see ya here every morning for the good fight to protect our homeland

(207) 994–2780
(503) 967–7647

806) 717-2076 Active. Hit em hard!

@MQ9#156063 one ring hang

@newtondial#156062 hoarding 207 se are able take your call right now … Call back same thing looks like a number changer to keep hoarding them … Asked for phone number … I said why you have a list now ? Do be smart with me he said just kept repeating it … Along with your a monkey and you moms a donkey :laughing:

(763) 710-2507

large and active

@newtondial#156067 Answering. Very paranoid. Hangs up quickly

@newtondial#156062 503 has loop 7464