Cybercrime Reporting Platform

Hey guys, I created a platform called PROTECT, a cybercrime reporting platform where people can report cybercrime such as scams, phishing, ransomware, etc to the government through my website. So instead of searching the Internet, all resources will be found on my website. Can you all explore and provide me feedback :slight_smile: I have created this for my final semester project. Your time is appreciated. here is the link to my website. Feedback form can be found in the footer section. Again Thank you :slight_smile:


Really not that useful. Consider building a app that allow the users to submit information directly instead of just informing. I have develop a tool a few years ago with the purpose of just showing a form to the user and automatically submit the phishing url to antivirus companies and ad blockers.

It worked back then and with just a few hours the urls where blocked with the malicious warning. Have discontinued the app.

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If it worked so well, what was the reason for discontinuing it then?

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Lost with time, i have multiple tools and i’m building new ones almost everyday. Just lost interest…

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Thanks for the feedback mate. Well, I have another reason to create this platform. I want to build a community where students or analysts can investigate new cyber threats, techniques, and tactics along with helping people who suffered from the incidents. Since I am working alone, I am creating a strong base before I move on. If you do not mind, Can I have your contact info like telegram? Seems like you have cool project and I want to learn and use those :slight_smile:


Isn’t the purpose of this forum to get malicious urls, report them and see them been blocked? That was the tool, i was using MS blocker.