Cyber PC expert - RAT videos

I promised i’ll upload my vids on Cyber PC expert, so i opened a youtube acc.

Those are LIVE reactions of those retarded scammers.

Pretty interesting and funny:

Pt.1 - - YouTube - deleting files + shanti trying to say “shift”.

Pt.2 - Cyber PC Expert - Indian scammers RAT-ed Pt.2 *no files surprise* - YouTube - Shanti notice there are no files in her pc.

Pt.3 - - YouTube - showing Sonu his facebook through his computer.

Pt.4 - - YouTube - they didn’t believe me when i said i have their files PANIC.

Enjoy the show.

And If you scammers are watching, leave a like.

@Koko#8813, you should start putting the window product keys of scammers you RAT on pastebin or somewhere once you are done with them, that way they lose money and can’t reinstall windows without a new product key.

@FuelDaFlame#8815 They don’t use genuine windows.

@Koko#8813 sift key lul


lol… near the end of the vid i couldn’t concentrate, i had to shut her up


Hey man,

I got intrigued by this stuff... What is this?

  • - chrome
  • - fe
  • - ? (not sure)
  • - dark comet, right?
  • - baby
  • - nanocore
  • - ? (file converter I suppose?)
  • - ? (screen recorder?)
  • - mail ;)
  • - ? (have no idea)
  • Sorry for being a nosy, but my curiosity man...It's killing me =)

    Let's shut down all the scammers!
    If you're interested in a call flooder hmu. I'm cool with sharing!

    Sup vpereita.

    Sorry for the LONG wait. i dont usually login these days.

    the 4th from the left, the green one, it's raw4vpn icon. i used to use it when scambaiting.

    the 4rth icon from the right an icon changer, used it to change the icons of a rat to disguise it if being seen (although i can just make it invisible, some shortcuts are being used by scammers, so i infect them too.)

    the 3rd from the right is ZD soft screen recorder, it's very reliable screen recorder,

    the first from the right... it's wordpad;)

    @Koko#135786 Videos gone, “… removed for violating YouTube’s term of service.”

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    @jaymee#135829 Yes… i realy hate yt this days.

    @Koko#8813 Hi koko! I know it’ll take a looong time for you to read this, but I’m really curious about this stuff and id love to ask u a couple questions.

    If you could contact me that would be amazing!

    my discord is kuds#2355


    @Koko#137121 if you don’t have discord, I just really wanted to ask how you spreaded the RAT across their network to get 35 PCs. I would really love to know how you pulled this off.