Cyber Crime

I am a victim of Cyber crime, cyber stalking and online Mastercard theft (26,000$) for 10 years!!!

Dirty cars with tinted glasses follow me wherever I go, slow me down, block my exits, tailgate and are literally trying to get me into an accident to make it look as if it were my fault. My devices are loaded with contacts from labor class, mostly from Pakistan. My phone functions most likely every day after business hours as if there’s something blocking it to work during the day.

Unauthorized payments are done via Sms, prepaid and Netflix accounts. Defamation of identity, fake Resumes are created, job preferences are set to a chief driver’s position, wherever I go, there’s always a dirty car with fully tinted glasses (mostly Abu Dhabi or Sharjah Vehicle Plate No)

Incoming/Outgoing calls are forwarded to 2 different local numbers that I am not aware off. Most of the functions never seem to work on any of my devices. My phone starts operating on it’s own the moment I am off to bed or have no connectivity. I receive messages from unknown numbers moments after I am off to bed.

My employers, friends and family members avoid me as if I ended up committing a hideous crime.

Recent attempts to hire a hacker with the only savings that I had turned out to be scam.

How should one survive through these parasites?

Sounds like a combination of things that ultimately lead to account takeover fraud. You need to contact the FTC regarding identity theft, lock credit at all three credit bureaus. Report to your bank that you are a victim of fraud. I’d suggest doing this on a separate device, cuz from what you’re saying, your devices got owned awhile ago and can’t be trusted for secure communication

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I would advise you, go to seek help from someone tech savvy, a simple reset of your phone data, may do the job, but if they have your personal information, then legal side is where you have to head, if you are phisicaly getting followed sheriffs office is the place to call.
Once you tell the police about it, they should help you through it all if they are helpful.
Remember it isn’t shameful to fall for scams and it happens to best of us, just seek help and it will be over.


I tried reaching out to Cyber Security experts and I got scammed. Some of them are simply curious to know about the events that occurred without offering to assist.

Local Police is unwilling to assist unless I am able to provide the hackers’s IP and forensics report.

So you just need an IP? Try and visualize your active threats. What is being attacked most and where? I don’t necessarily mean physical location but where on your devices are you noticing the most incidents? Email, SMS, etc. You said something about your banks getting owned as well. So go to (do this on a separate machine please or a friends device) and download a few different types of tokens. I’d suggest the Word, Excel, and Fast Redirect. Since they seem to be motivated by money, name the documents something attractive to a scammer but not super obvious for example, an Excel file that’s called transactions-april-june or budget_summer23. Send an email with one of the URL canaries and make it sound urgent (again, don’t be too obvious) Get creative with it, like I said earlier, assess your threats and think of an approach that seems appropriate for your current situation. Follow the instructions on the site and drop a few tokens on the devices under attack, if they trip one, you’ll get an email with their IP. I’d recommend making a separate email for this as well. When you get their IP go to and check whether or not it’s a VPN/Proxy IP. If it’s a VPN you can check the WHOIS, look for the company that uses or communicates over the ASN listed and usually you can find out which VPN provider owns the IP route being used. This should be sufficient for your needs because feds need a warrant to correlate the times someone’s IP is connecting to a particular anonymizer service if that makes sense.

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*don’t need a warrant

I can help you try getting an IP.
I will private message you a link to my scam baiting server.


Thank you!

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