"Cutting-edge photo editor for Mac & PC" TROJAN

Popup - https://ohury.tech/

Registered via Hostinger, UAB on December 19, 2021 (updated December 20, 2021) - Whois ohury.tech

VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - 4ccf198ea3f84b99491cd1e00dec51d11fde571de195c210006f274381f5433a

Associated IP Address - (taken from https://erlokelieinn.xyz)

Program contains several trojans, including Sabsik, [Wacatac](How to remove Wacatac Trojan - virus removal instructions (updated) & InvalidSig. The download link for the program literally came from the Discord app, likely implying it would be used for the purpose of tokening, and the popup is a direct rip-off of Luminar AI - AI photo editing for Mac & PC | Skylum

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