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I got this call from my personal phone, computer voice said he was named conner. I answered the phone but was silent. he hung up on me when he thought no one was there. i called back using text now. menu to press numbers comes up when i call in.

Hello, I have been getting calls from this number. First it is Claire. Then Connor. Do you know who these people are? can we prosecute them. Also, I wonder if you were ever an employee in healthcare? Thank you.

@Angeld40#88281 d40#88281

hey there phone number doesnt work anymore. at that time i got a call from that number. i called it to see if its a real number, i dont know who it is. my guess these are spoofed numbers trying to call you. no not in healthcare.

They are back! 571-549-3251 but no one picks up. The question asked is do you live in CA (1 for yes 2 for no). Then the phone tree indicates that everyone is busy and to email ā€˜[email protected]ā€™ This scam is either clever or ridiculous. Which is it???

Today I got scam message directing me to the same email: [email protected]

trip adviser: (781) 384-6055

Medicare Plus: (917) 261-3286 also (702) 857-6978

Free cruise: 724-269-2710

@ScamChod#125268 Today again they are back with multiple scams, Medicare plus, free cruise, Trip Adviser all directing to send email to: [email protected]. I think their intention is to get an email and then reply with some malware trap

I have spent the whole smegin day tracking a phone number that leads to an unknown company.They have more numbers then I can count as well as email addresses.Theres also a company called Zendesk thats associated with them.If anyone can help me figure out what Zendesk is Iā€™d really appreciate it because I feel that they have also sold my contact list as well.

@Logan_Patch#143480 Logan_Patch#143480 so now if you push- be on their Do Not Call list they send you to this website , of course " Not secure Website ! this is what i found ā€¦


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