Customer Id

I’ve noticed that scammers tend to ask for ‘customer ids’ to weed out baiters. However, I seem to have no luck finding an I’d. What method do you guys use to either get a believable I’d or divert the question?

I just say that I dont have one yet as this is my first time calling. Please could I get one

Thanks, Jack.

@GuruAid#3059 i do the same thing

they say they work for humanity and they asking me to call my family

Well, normely you get a pop-up link with something like "HEY ASSHOLE!!! YOU HAVE A VIRUS. HERE IS YOUR CUSTOMER ID: 4563.

You can't just call a number, you gotta have the scam link open for them to believe in you. I hope this was helpful ;)

Btw, if you wanna avoid the id, just say that you cleared the history when you restarted the computer (it "froze") so you "had no choice".

@76561198092788864#14306 I agree with having the scam link open when letting them on your VM. Saving the fake pop-up in a VM snapshot is a good idea because the sites often get taken down within a couple days but the numbers stay up for longer and it saves having to find a fresh new pop-up.